Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cambodian Dance Robam Moni Mekala

Depicts the story of three students, Moni Mekala, Ream-Ea-So and prince Vora-chhun, who received lessons from one teacher, Moni-Ey-Sey. The teacher had given each of them specialized weapons before their departure. Ream-Ea-So was a bad giant who seeks to steal the other's weapons to be top in his class. He kills prince Vora-chhun for his Sword, and is trying to kill Moni Mekala for her Crystal ball.
Moni Mekala is not only beautiful, but is also powerful. She fights her battle bravely with Ream-Ea-So. While attempting to take possession of the Crystal ball from Moni Mekala, Ream-Ea-So throws his Arch in an attempt to kill her. To prevent this, she throws her Crystal ball up to make the thunder's flame, blinding Ream-Ea-So and defeats him at the scene.

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